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Bonjour everyone,

Its the first time i'm buying a 'real' Mountain Bike and i need your advice.
I dont know much (brands, quality...etc) but i DO know what i want :

5. A tough bike that can withstand 8 foot drop on concrete and jumps
4. AT LEAST 150mm travel in the fork
3. An international brand (since i live in Paris)
2. FULL SUSPENSION bike with blockable suspension (rear and front)
1. A bike that people have tested and are willing to share experience

Merci les amis

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8 foot drop to concrete? Flat landing or ramped transition?

I think you need to be looking at a bike like the trek Slash( 170mm travel), with coil springs.

I don't see a 150mm bike handling 8' drops to concrete very well.

I think you should be looking at mini-DH bikes or full on park bikes.
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