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Help: 2009 Sanction 1.0 or 2009 Force 1.0

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I have a force 1.0 and it weighs 29 lbs. The only 3 things I changed were,Tubless tires ,XTR cassett, and carbon bars.

I wanted a more XC bike. I love to climb as well as shoot down the hill.From what you posted I think the Force would serve you well.
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So I am deciding between these two bikes. Any thoughts? Anyone know how much a size Large would weigh of each? I am concerned the Sanction would be too heavy, but not sure.

This would be my true all mountain bike to ride on all day adventures and occasional trips to lift assisted riding spots. I want to be able to climb on this bike as the terrain around here is not flat, but downhill is of course important.

Any help in making this decision will be appreciated. Thanks.
Posts are out of order. Weird. Thanks for the feedback on the Force, norcalchico.
I have a Force 2.0 and it is a pretty good climber as well as a decender. I would go with the Force 1.0 unless you are into some big jumps and hucks. The Sanction is a stronger frame with more freeride components than the Force and a more freerideish geometry. You can't go wrong witht the Force 1.0 if you want all mountain capability.
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