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Hello, newbie here. Only done a small number easy trail rides in the past, so not much experience, this will be my first serious mountain bike. Uses will be mostly trail riding, and perhaps later when I get more adventurous some more all mountain stuff, if I am using that term correctly. Price difference between the two is negligible and unimportant. The Rockhopper is barely used and the Stumpjumper and it's components are in excellent condition as well... front suspension condition on the stumpy is unknown, so rebuild may be required.

It is pretty dry where I ride so disc brakes are not necessary, though I would be curious as to whether one or the other is disc-ready.

Which do you think I should go with? Thanks in advance!!

2000 Stumpjumper M2 Comp

Frame Construction TIG-welded
Frame Tubing Material Specialized M2 XX Metal Matrix
Fork Brand & Model Answer Manitou MARS, 3.15" travel
Fork Material Aluminum/magnesium, triple-clamp crown

Component Group Mountain Mix
Brakeset Avid 1D-25 brakes, Avid SD-1.9 L levers
Shift Levers Shimano Deore XT RapidFire SL
Front Derailleur Shimano Deore XT
Rear Derailleur Shimano XTR SGS
Crankset Specialized Strong Arm 2 Comp, 22/32/44 teeth
Pedals Specialized Comp
Bottom Bracket Shimano BB-UN52
BB Shell Width Unspecified
Rear Cogs 9-speed, 11 - 32 teeth
Chain Shimano, 1/2 x 3/32"
Seatpost Ritchey Expert, 30.9mm diameter
Saddle Specialized Revolution
Handlebar Specialized alloy
Handlebar Extensions Not included
Handlebar Stem Specialized alloy
Headset 1 1/8" threadless Tange Seiki alloy

Hubs Specialized Micro STOUT
Rims Mavic X225, 28-hole/32-hole
Tires Front: 26 x 1.90" Specialized Dirt Control Comp, Rear: 26 x 1.90" Specialized Dirt Master Comp
Spoke Brand DT stainless steel, 1.8mm straight gauge
Spoke Nipples Alloy nipples

2009 Rockhopper

Frame Construction TIG-welded
Frame Tubing Material M4 aluminum
Fork Brand & Model RockShox Dart 3 SL, 100mm travel
Fork Material Aluminum/chromoly, single crown

Component Group SRAM Mix
Brakeset Alloy Linear Pull brakes, Specialized linear pull levers
Shift Levers SRAM X.4 trigger
Front Derailleur Shimano Altus
Rear Derailleur SRAM X.5 medium cage
Crankset 22/32/42 teeth
Pedals Steel cage, plastic body
Bottom Bracket Shimano BB-ES25, 118mm spindle
BB Shell Width 68mm
Rear Cogs 8-speed, 11 - 32 teeth
Chain KMC X8
Seatpost Specialized alloy two bolt, micro adjust, 30.9mm diameter
Saddle Specialized XC Body Geometry
Handlebar Specialized low riser
Handlebar Extensions Not included
Handlebar Stem Specialized 3D, 31.8mm
Headset 1 1/8" Specialized loose ball

Hubs Specialized forged alloy
Rims Specialized RHD, 28-hole/32-hole
Tires 26 x 2.00" Specialized Fast Trak LK Sport
Spoke Brand Stainless steel, 15ga. (1.8mm)
Spoke Nipples Unspecified

Happy Trails
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Some thoughts...

Disc brakes are more important than full suspension, in my opinion! Wet or dry. I'm a recent convert after being a long term hold-out.

The '09 Rockhopper is a pretty good bike for a new rider, but if you are a bigger guy (5-10 or taller) then you might want to consider a Rockhopper 29'r.

If you live in an area with good trails and some topography, a full suspension bike is a LOT of fun and probably easier to ride. Also, a 2000 SJ that was well maintained can certainly be a good ride (...I ride a 2003...) but wow - that's an old bike. I thought a RH was about 800 ... be careful paying $800 for a ten year old SJ. Why don't you borrow or demo for a few weeks if you really want a full suspension.

Let's see what anyone else has to say.

There are other bikes out there to choose from, too

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I'm a Mountain Bike rookie too. I wanted to ride a bike to train for Motocross. Anyway I wanted a nice bike but didn't want to have $3000 hanging in my garage if it didn't hold my interest. I shopped around and found a MINT 2000 Stumpjumper for $400. This thing was NEW with less than 10 miles of sidewalk riding only. I LOVE IT. This thing is very light as it was designed as a race bike. I thought when I bought a bike that flying down hills would be the best part, now I find myself looking forward to the climbs and boy does this thing climb. What a great bike.

Be careful, this stuff is so much fun and can be quite addicting. I'm now thinking about buying an 09 Stumpjumper Hardtail 29er Marathon and going racing ;)

Here it is the day I brought it home. Only upgrades I made were a new saddle and riser bars

A very wise man once told me "Buy the very best that YOU can afford and you'll never go wrong"

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If possible weigh both bikes and pick the ligther one. I've got a 2000 Stumpjumper Comp as well and it was 24 lbs stock I think. Its a great XC bike.

My only concern with choosing the Stumpjumper is that the fork may need to be replaced in the future due to difficulty finding spare parts.

Some notes:
  • The Rockhopper's frame is made of the newer M4 alloy vs. older M2 and likely lighter than the Stumpjumper.
  • Finding fork parts for the Manitou Mars will not be easy since its been 8 years. I'm thinking about replacing my fork because of this.
  • I'd research performance of Rockshox Dart vs.Tora since this is the next major component second after the frame. The drivetrain components are not so important because they will be replaced when they wear out.
  • A majority of Stumpjumper riders including me replaced the stock seat since its very uncomfortable.

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Just remember technology trickles down. That m4 Rockhopper frame trickled down from a m4 stumpy frame... Either way, both are good to get your feet wet. Both are upgradeable bikes as well. I'd say go for the Rockhopper. Plus a warranty is nice.

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oldskoolm4 said:
Just remember technology trickles down. That m4 Rockhopper frame trickled down from a m4 stumpy frame... Either way, both are good to get your feet wet. Both are upgradeable bikes as well. I'd say go for the Rockhopper. Plus a warranty is nice.
Yeah thats a good point about trickle down and the warranty. The safe bet would be to go with the Rockhopper.
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