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Helluva PBR comeback Christmas eve ride

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Well.........was just a snow ride but first time on a real bike lately.. and not on the roadie......Met up with Canyonrat for a little avoid the mall ride!

Jerry breakin trail
Winter Snow Slope Trail Freezing

No friends on a powder day! I had the freshies in this section. Blue bird sky!
Bicycle wheel Branch Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle

Seriously he is always smilin!
Eyewear Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies

Yup, overdressed, no energy but happy as can be!
Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Wheel Bicycle wheel rim

Breakin trail
Winter Bicycle Sand Grass family Snow

the hard way....(notice i didnt put any pics of us walkin)
Winter Freezing Slope Travel Terrain

I knew there was a drop in there some where!
Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame Wheel

Me rollin some snow covered slickrock goodness!
Winter Branch Freezing Snow Wilderness

natures kickstand
Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle fork

The parting i better get my a$$ in gear and go get my shopping done shot
Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel rim
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few more

Nature Branch Winter Freezing Slope

Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle wheel Wheel Bicycle wheel rim

tracked this guy for a while, he seemed to have an injured leg that kept him from getting too far ahead of us.
Nature Branch Winter Snow Woody plant
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Merry Christmas all MTBR's!!

Been a great year of riding with all of you and making new friends!! Hope next year is fulfilling and the riding is sweet! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :)
Glad to see you on a bike again so soon after the wipe-out! Nice work out there guys...
Nice to see you back on the bike! :thumbsup:

No bikes on my Christmas Eve, instead we had some great fresh stuff at Mary Jane (no pics, but they had enough snow to open some more trails!).

Merry Christmas - MTBR Front Range!
Glad to see your back

Merry Christmas,
Hope to ride with you many more times in the New Year, your fun to chase as your way too fast to pass.

Beautiful out there. Merry Christmas to you all!
If you can believe it, that ride was even more fun than it looked...:thumbsup:

We had some pretty decent snow depth to slog through but what a beautiful day! :cool: Great pics PBR, even some of the ones I snapped came out, a Christmas miracle! And yeah, I'm ridin', I smilin' 'cuz it's always better than not ridin'. :p

Merry Chrismas MTBR-ers! :D
Damn, I'm stuck inside with some sick women I'm nursing back to health.

But on a high note, Merry Christmas Fuggers! This one is for you.

I hope to get in many great rides, beer swillin and outings with all of ya in the New Year!
Not complaining here:

I will take a ride weather it be snow or not any time i can get it. And it is fun to slog around a local trail and "get out" but this is truly getting out! :thumbsup:

scroll down a little further in her posts, not too often we have to worry about seeing 6-7 wolves on a ride!
photo #6 is my favorite.
do you remember that part when your pedals were mashing thru the snow? That was cool.
I heart Jill.
Nice shots!
Great to see you back on the bike as well.
Hoping to get out for a little ride today - didn't go yesterday ... playing with the kids all day and all the new loot :thumbsup:
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