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Hi there.

I thought I would just post a friendly hello. Since I can not
find an "Introduce yourself" thread.

Allright... I'm terribly out of shape, I am not a competitive rider
by any stretch of the imagination, but I love cool stuff.
And I buy lots of cool stuff just to have it. So there!

I love my cool bike. It's super fun to ride around on and I get lots of ooohs
and ahhhs from fellas such as yourselves who appreciate cool bikes.

I purchased a Maestro - Faith, Chrome Finished super suspension bike
which is extremely cool.

I also own another bike which belongs to the Giant family of bikes, the
Sedona LX. Much cheaper but a good beater if I want to take a friend
along for a ride.

So hello to you all, you folks who are obviously in much better shape than
I am in! :) I'm afraid though that my super cool bike is forcing me to ride more
often since the price of gas and everything else is going up so ridiculously.

Which means that I may very well be in better shape by the time fall and
winter roll around. Thank god laptops have become much lighter, otherwise
I'd be lugging around one of those old brick type thinkpads which weighed a ton!

Not good for the beer and wings gut I so proudly display.

So heres a quick hello from a beer drinking, laptop toting, nerdy type, Mercedes
driving, super cool gadget buying, must have the latest, type of fat cat from the
great white North!

Hail to all of you slim waisted, tight butted, super toned, great shape,
competitive, sporty, and athletic types.

Its mine, all mine!!! Muahahahahahaha!!! And its cool!

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Hi Synergy,my 1st post to.Been riding for 1 year now ,lost the beer gut.Gone from 120kg to 95.My bike is a cheap ass Hardrock $700 australian dollars thats about $40000US.
I hate Merc"s ,don"t own a laptop,But I lov a gadget,Handheld GPS,Ipod"s,Bike computer"s,UHF radio"s,xbox,my boat all my fishing gear.My wife loves a gsdget to HAHA.To busy with all my toys.

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Hey there stu68:

Hey great to have another like minded gadgeteer on board.
I just picked up a UHF Handheld radio with a built in GPS Screen
called the Uniden Mystic.

Too bad you hate Mercs mate. I have a few buddies down under who swear
by em.

XBox is cool and fishing stuff is always great. I love chicken wings and chickens
hate me because I eat them so often. LOL

In fact I'm planning on eating a chicken today! LOL

Maybe I'll buy another bike this week, but I also need to buy a blue tooth enabled
camera for my PDA so that I can take pictures of hot chicks running on the path
while I'm rolling along on my super cool bike :D

Hey those girls would never even give me a second look, perfect for catching their
rear ends I say! LOL. Those are the girls who are always looking for the money and
they keep running right past it every morning ROFL!

I don't know if it's possible to get addicted to bikes as a technology but they can be
pretty cool eh.

Cheers Mate.

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Nice bike but, . . .

You purchased a sweet FREERIDE/DOWNHILL bike. One of the finest rides money can buy for hucking yourself off big drops or big ball lines and then sitting on a lift to get back up to the top.

Most people use this bike to ride down, and not for anything else. At 45+ pounds you will soon realize that this gadget is a beast to ride anywhere. I'm sure there are lots of oohs and ahhs, but that ain't no trail bike. Nor is it a commuter bike. Sweet ride though:thumbsup:

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Hey there my slim little buddies :)

Thanks for the welcomes. Honestly, this bike is not about performance for
me it's strictly about the ooohs and ahhhs factor. Where vanity rules and
performance drags huge.

Even the slightest puff of wind coming at me hits me like a ton of bricks. LOL
If I spread my windbreaker wide enough when the wind is at my back I actually
get a bit of thrust like running downwind in a sailboat on the running leg of a race course.

Its so nice and shiny that even the seagulls are attracted to my bike :D
And I can almost comb my hair in the frame :)

I carry a sub seat fanny pack below the saddle made of neoprene. Great for storing
my keys and other incidentals such as a folding Allan Key set, small vice grips, needle
nose pliers, adjustable wrench and cell phone with GPS mapping functions.

I have to say it's extremely smooth for a heavy bike like this. I tend to over power
the bike with downward force based on my weight.

But I love the fanny flex effect from the rear suspension system. Bouncy, bouncy :D

I have the central shock adjusted to about 6/8 of it's maximum tension according to
it's weight adjustment seetings guide in the owners manual.

I love the pedals too! Great grip and a light weight aluminum design make for some
pretty sturdy pushing platforms.

The first thing that grabs peoples attention is the chrome frame and it's design,
then they look at the grippy tires and wheel rims, then the handle bars and
finally the gearing and the pedals.

I find that Giant has really put a fair amount of effort into calculating the finest
rake settings specific to their front shock application. The front suspension
of the bike is amazingly spry and very effective. Not like any cheapo bike I have
ever ridden before. Sweet!!!

I'm quite sure that there are other bikes equally as effective and well designed but
I have absolutley no experience with any of them. For now this one is fine by me! :)

Yep shes a heavy bike alright, but considering how everything is relative, my weight
and height can create a tremendous amount of down force and torque at any given
moment. :D I have the yummy chicken wings to thank for that!

Overall I think it's great! I'm thinking of having a chicken wing, just one, artistically
painted onto the frame somewhere. Maybe a metallic blue chicken wing on the
cowling just below the seat with a tiny glass of foamy beer next to it :D

Or perhaps even a heat transfer print out form the old color laser printer :)

Cheers buddies.

ride hard take risks
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Welcom aboard & congratz on the sweet big hit bike.:thumbsup: Life is all about going downhill not climbing up & that bike will definatly fit the bill. The more you ride the better you get, just keep riding & find steep gnarrly trails to flex those sexy leggs. :rockon:

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Hey buddies:

Back from my local bike shop today. Yes they were open today even though
today is considered part of the Canada Day long weekend.

Bought a nice thick comfy gel seat, not exactly fit tor form for this bike but who
is going to look at my butt when I'm riding, I mean honestly LOL :D

Had the guys check the inner tubes and they recommended high test, extra thick inner
tubes based on my weight, so had them install those, they were cheap at only $15.00
per tube.

Also bought the "Echo - W1" Wireless bike computer system. Very cool since it's
wireless eh! :) One big red button controls all the functions on this little beastie!
I think I might go back and buy the CatEye Vectra as well Model CC-7000, has more
functions and two grey buttons which I like since I like more buttons on my gadgets.

Bought two Cat Eye Opti Cubes Model # HL-EL120. For that, coming at ya with
duals on, impact. And a slick little BLT rear red running light. I cant believe how light
and small these things are and that the head lights run on 2 AAs and the rear light runs
on a CR2032 3V like the bike computer I picked up.

The guys even installed everything for me in about an hour and loved the bike! Yay!!!

There's alot of controversy out there on Krypto locks and their vulnerabilities etc...
So I'm engineering a better locking solution based on a more reliable tri-metallic alloy
and solid body type locking mechanism using a Medeco high security cylinder.

There may be a patent waiting for me there. :D

The guys at the bike shop have almost convinced me to get Mags for the bike.
They look super cool in the catalog. The three spoke carbon fiber black mags would
compliment the silver frame nicely I think. Don't remember who the manufacturer

They have to look into it to see if they make the right rim sizes. :)

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