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Hello everyone.
Im glad to post here, I am interested in 90's mtb's and the parts that we have come to
call vintage.
I own a 1998 Gt zaskar Le
and now also a 2001 gt Idrive xcr 5000

I however am wondering what has happened to all those parts we used
in the mid to late nineties?
I used tektro brake lever extensions
(multi position bolt on RBP-202A)
and I used to try to run any crazy colored tire I could find
I have had so many I cant list them all
the wild gripper by Michelin (green)
and a few specialized tires in various colors

Im wondering what happened top all these cool products?
anyone remember brama bars?
or the gt remake?
(a single piece bar that had built in bar ends)

Im interested in chatting with some of you
I am also heavy into old school bmx ( freestyle)
thus where the urge to liven up my mtb.
any info on where to get any of these type of items would be greatly appreciated.
thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all.

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ha ha ha Im sure I can tough it out...
oh and the what is it worth question....
its worth $2 hahahaha
everyone knows they are worth what ever they are worth to you.

Im a admin over on bmx museum
so I am no stranger to the forum life and I
can also enjoy the fact of being a newb here
it gives me a chance to see how it feels to some of our new guys.

having the right bike???? well damn I have just that bike....
the brand is called "MINE" ha ha
I ride and build for myself and its always going to be different tastes so :p

I have bought and sold tons and tons of parts
over the years, and evil bay is one of those places
but anyone who knows whats really up
knows ebay sucks.. and if you look and spend the time
there are so many more avenues you can pursue
to find the type of stuff your looking for.
so with that said where am I going to replenish my selection of
colored tires and brake lever extensions?
- glad to be here.

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those sweetskins are a abomination!

nothing like a set of skinwall tires in
various colors to set off a 90's rig.

I have been looking at darwin product lever extensions
so I may take that route
I will prob post some pics of the different projects
I have happening.
I know those colored tires are out there
but where?
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