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Hello From Newbie with a Killer V

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Just wanted to post and say THANK YOU for all that have done reviews, etc. on this site. I think it steered me into a good bike to get back into the sport. Found me a 1993 Killer V in polished with some upgrades. :thumbsup:

These are the components as best as I can find:
- Shimano Deore LX Shifters/Derailleurs
- Shimano Deore XT V-Brakes
- Answer Manitou front fork (spongy)
- Ritchey Vantage Comp Rims
- Continental Explorer Pro tires (26 x 2.1)
- Shimano PD-M747 pedals (will likely swap to platforms for now)
- Coda crank
- Laser V seat
- Trek Radar computer

Total weight: 24.5 lb.

Got it all for $100. Don't think I did too bad for this classic frame.

I'll be using it primarily for running to the store, riding with my 6 yo twin boys, camping, and getting to those back fishing holes.

So, how'd I do? Any suggestions for where to start with the upgrades (assuming I use it enough to justify).

Thanks again for all the info here... keep it up and hopefully some day I can contribute!

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Welcome to mtbr!
$100.- is a real good deal her. :thumbsup:
I would only upgrade if something fails/breaks.
Lube everything, get some mothers polish to buff the frame a bit and touch up the cranks with some black paint.
Instead of saving for upgrades, save for tools and gear like a good pack, riding shorts, and gloves.
These days you can easily find info on how to repair and tune your bike so you just need tools and the motivation to keep it running perfectly.
Just got back from my first ride (road/sidewalk) and got my first flat on the way. Ironically I was riding to the bike store to get a spare tube and a tool kit to carry on the bike. After a quick rescue from the wifey, I got the tube swapped and rode home.

Noticed that the seat is HARD. I'm going to have to swap that out soon, or I won't be riding much. Are all seats that hard these days???
Specialized has a good small seat with padding and springs. My ride may look a little funny but the comfort is good
most every seat will be hard but u get used to it. I would go with the suggestions above, save money for tools and replacements of broken parts.

For $100 you got a hell of a deal, I got my frame for free but invested at least $400 into my killer v
Congrats on the bike purchase!

You should probably pick up a couple pairs of padded riding shorts, they will make quite a difference. As well, it might be a good idea to try a few saddles to fit your body best.
Yeah, I'm going to ride on that seat for a bit and see if my body/riding style adjusts, but I'm doubtful at this point. It just doesn't fit me right - feels like my bones are sitting on concrete.

Think I'll try adjusting the seat forward a bit and see if that helps.

Thanks for the tips on buying tools. I already picked up a spoke wrench to do some truing on the rear wheel (get it close using the brake pads as a guide). I'm not one to pay for work I can do, so I'm sure the tools will keep coming :)
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