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Hey guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself as I have just joined the forum. I was an avid mountain biker when I was younger, also rode some bmx and freestyle too. I missed the challenge and ear-to-ear grins that mountain biking used to give me so I found an antique on craigslist and decided I'd ride it til it falls apart. I got my hands on (don't laugh:nono:) a 1998 trek y11 oclv. Its bone stock besides some free 2.25 tires from a friend and ergonomic grips, the best part is that I totally thrash it every weekend and it just keeps on going. I live over in Richmond Va which isn't too bad as far as trails go, if you don't mind clay, roots, rocks, and leaves, it does make finding a well rounded tire pretty tough.

I'm hoping that some other Richmond area riders are on here as I'm always looking to expand the group of people I ride with. I ride every weekend so please don't be a stranger.:thumbsup:


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