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Hey guys, im new to this forum, wanted to say hi

(Sorry if this is in the worng section, it said beginners so, thats me, im new(please tell me where the sections are - where certain things should go)

My name is Aaron, i am from Australia and have recently fell in love with riding
i joined the forum to get an understanding of bikes, learn care and maintenance and general tips

i only have a mountain bike, but i reckon i wont get a car/ wont use it much when i get older as i want to get a nice road bike and ride everywhere

my first question, which is pathetically "noobish":
i inflated a spare tube with my mini frame pump to see how it worked and get a hang of it, it has no pressure gauge, but i inflated it, it didnt go hard or anything, i could still easily compress it between my fingers, bu directly opposite the schrader valve (yes i know some terminology :D ) the tub bulged, it was thocke in diamtere than the rest, yet the tyre in my opinion was no where near over inflated?

is this the tube, does it always happen or did i over infalte it?:confused:

all help muchly appreciated:p

i love the smilies here :D sorry had to say that

actually one more thing. i keep my bike outside, and the cassette (more terminolgy) isnt in new-looking-condition, should i get a cover?

also i dont want to get a stand for repair and storage, coz they are expensive and i think i can get by putting it upside down? any opinions/views/advice here?

oh and one more (sorry) what is good for a repair kit, what should i take on a ride?
(i am looking for a good multitool aswell)

anyway i have been in 1 other forum, but it kind of died, but this forum i can tell will be much more useful and informative. i have used this site to look at reviews of tools and accesories to put together a little repair kit and to have washing things and lubes. i dont think i will get major tools or anything to do "majors", just the usual things that will save time and money, not complete overhauls live fixing frams and hubs :p (although im sure alot of you can do that)

sorry if i spell things wrong, my keyboard doesnt work properly, some letters dont show up when i press the keys

there aernt many bike trials where i live but i love riding around. i look forward to gaining further knowledge and understanding of bikes with the help of all you members, and also your advice :cool:

well thats all i can think of for now (im sure i will have many more future questions), hope i fit in, dont bully the new guy :D
look forward to my time here, and i hope you do to


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I'm a little confused about the tube question, but as far as a stand or keeping it outdoors, yes get a cover if it's going to be exposed to the elements. Otherwise you'll have to deal with rust big time. And for a stand, there are some nice tutorials for building your own stand out of simple pipes for an easy 50 bucks. Here is a DIY tut for a home made bike stand:

And if you're seriously in need of a keyboard, hell I'll mail you one for free. Lord knows I've got like 10 lying around. *computer geek here*

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Oh, thanks for the help! that great, ive got to try build that stand :D
thanks for taking the time to read that lengthy message, and i think i will survive with this keyboard :p, thanks anyway

OK tyre question.... ill try to explain better.

1. the tube, not in the tyre.
2. i inflate with my mini pump
3. gets bigger (duh)
4. it is not rock hard
5. (have you ever seen a bulged tyre when it is over-inflated? how one bit bulges? - well this what happens at the polar opposite to the valve, about a 7cm length has a thicker diameter than the rest of the tube.

do i overinflate? (coz it wasnt very hard (the tube) and the hand pump aint that strong)
or was it inflating to a new size, like is that where ot get bigger first when you are inflating a tube????

hope you understand that explanation
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