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I don't think I've posted on the AZ forum before, but here goes.

Since April, I've been sidelined with a broken leg (hit by a truck, I posted in General about it). After I was hit, I wanted nothing to do with cycling anymore, but since I've been going through PT and the end of the recovery period is in sight, I've been bitten by the bug again. Seeing all the group rides posted here makes me want to get out there as soon as possible!

I'm between bikes right now, as my commuter bike (the one I was hit on) is in bad shape and my other DH/FR bike is up for sale. I'm hoping to score a 29'er SS soon and get back out there. Maybe I can meet some of you guys in the near future! Until then, I'll keep myself stoked with the great pictures and ride reports.



PS: To any of you who have ridden at Papago, you may have seen me once or twice - I was riding a red Karpiel Apocalypse for a little bit, I think I may have met a few riders from Cactus bikes.
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