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Helius CC - Bearing Caps on Rocker Arms

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Having a good look round my frame today and after noticing the rear felt a little flexy I decided to re grease the bearings on the rocker arm.

When I took the lower one out the bearing cap doesn't sit flush to the rocker, there's about 0.5mm (if that) between the cap and the face of the rocker.

I take it this isn't normal as looking at all the others they sit flush to the rocker/frame etc.

As a temporary fix, until I can order new ones would a thim washer placed between the bearing cap and the rocker be ok?
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I'd email Simon @ Nicolai UK to be 100% sure.
derekr said:
I'd email Simon @ Nicolai UK to be 100% sure.
I did just that, sorted the problem with a thin nylon washer for now - just to take up the slack.

Problem solved:thumbsup:
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