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Helius AM - Apparently its a Suuuuuuperbike

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.... according to MBUK this month

Not a bad article tbh. Some solid press for Nic this month.

Kinda weird as there hasn't been anything press wise in the UK for ages then this happens all at once (MBR - the Kalle interview and this). I figure it takes this long to get frames out to the mags and for them to write it up so perhaps its just a coincidence rather than a massive marketing push by the Nic UK team. Looking at this they seem to have nicked this one off of moonglu. Also its not a long term test or review as is the way with the superbike articles but hey ho its nice to see some positive press.
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@Karve - Indeed, I don't suppose you have a link to an electronic copy of the article?
i just read it - i actually agree with most that was said, although pedal strike was omitted :D
superb looking beast from moonglu - hope custom dipped ano anyone :D
lornibear said:
@Karve - Indeed, I don't suppose you have a link to an electronic copy of the article?
Found these on the netz :drumroll:

Page One

Page Two
Very good article, imagine the write up if they were on the Helius AC 29er ;)

Yeah ha
didnt suggest the AC was a superbike like the AM though :D
Hey it's my bike :) it doesn't look like that now tho! Bossed up, V2 specials, carbon havoc bars, dropper it feels like a Superbike :)
You all have it wrong, when all said and done, the AM29er is the true superbike.... You will all come around when you move to adults wheels.. :D
Ha, well when Nicolai eventually come back to me on the RC29er and after probably a huge wait! I'll let you know how I feel about that ;-) have a feeling the AM26 will be a long term fixture in my riding world for hooning :)
Well so far my new one has been a 3 month wait and still have another 2 months wait!
Ian, that's why I've started planning now!! As long as I don't have to pay until its finished that's ok, I want it for racing next year, you're on a timetable though aren't you?
Yup leave for Africa at Christmas, it came last week, but in 26er format. Oops, guess mike was having a bad day when he ordered it. Though I got to change the colour to ano orange! I couldn't resist after seeing imb test bike!
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