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$49k. Kids to brighten up your day... priceless!!

Wsup everybody. today is a good day. I had little pain and I stayed alert most of the day.

The first 8 days were rough. A couple days, I just wanted to pass.

thanks ror the well wishes. i cannot believe the outpouring from mtbarrrr! My wife is A+++ btw. she's solid as a rock and is 1 million % supportive!

My left hand will be in a cast for 5 more weeks. My teeth will need to get done in three months.

I'll be loaning out my bikes btw. The bmc, the niner and my cross bike. I'd be much happier if they are put to good use.



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I'm glad to hear you're doing better. You certainly look good in the pictures. Usually people like to post the gruesome details of their injuries.

I hope you had insurance to cover those bills :eek:

If not we'll have to have some trail-riding fund raiser.

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Glad to hear you're healing well, Francis!! Those were some scary pics of you getting airlifted out, that's for sure!!

Friends and family make all the difference too when recovering from something like that. Take your time to heal as best as you can, the bikes will be there when you're ready to hop back on them!!

Get well!



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24K vs 49K, Dammnn. If/When I get busted up, I'll just have the chopper drop me off at home with some good painkillers....

Seriously, the doc in the first pic looks like Groucho Marx. Get better soon

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keep smiling!

francis -

good to see you're still always smiling. hope to hear that you're milking pj for lots of 'extra care.' :thumbsup:

as bad as the injuries are, the description of the incident still made me nostalgic for demo! i'll stop by when i'm out there next month.


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Awww... matching casts!

Glad you're healing up well Francis. You'll be back on the bike before you know it.

And if you send down your Retrotec down to SoCal, I'll take good care of her while you get better. :thumbsup: :D

P.S. The doctor looks more like Daniel Stern...


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Actually I thought it was Richard Cunningham playing doc...

Glad to hear you're doing so well, Francis. You have a great and beautiful supporting cast in your family; your riding buds/extended mtbr family have your back as well. You are one lucky dude to be able to continue to enjoy the whole package.

Your bill amounts scare this uninsured ol' fool! Hopefully that's just the pre-negotiation figure for my sake.

Not to be morbid, but just what happened?


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Healing vibes

$49K? What's priceless is the look on your children's faces. No amount of money can replace the fact that they have their father on the mend.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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Looking good man, looking really good.

After talking to you and your wife I thought that the injuries were really bad but after taking a look at the pics you look really well, keep on healing and spend quality time with your wonderfull family.

Take care.

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You are looking good, Francis! Gotta love your daughter's matching wrist brace. Kids love to play with ace bandages. Five weeks goes by very fast. Don't ask me how I know.

It makes me wonder how they justify those costs, but I guess we have no choice in the matter. Enjoy your time at home while you have it, eh?

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Hang in there, "having one of our own" down is never good, heal up and Godspeed!

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Ah, it's only money. A lot of money but ultimately you're alive, safe, you've got
your family and no amount of money is going to replace that.

And it's cool that you're going to loan your bikes out, maybe someone else
will get "the bug" - you'll be riding again soon enough.

You could always go back to the obstacle that caused this whole thing with
some kind of hyperpowered chainsaw but it wouldn't necessarily change
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