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Helen, Georgia

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Every year some friends and myself take a trip to Oktoberfest in Helen, Ga. Last year we took our Mtn Bikes with us. We rode Unicoi (approx 13-15 miles) and Stone Wall Falls (approx 12 miles). Both were very good. Decent downhills and some grooling uphill as well. If you go to Stone Wall Falls, I suggest you ride it counter clockwise. It will make for a faster downhill ride after you get past the uphill climbs.

Oh yeah, Oktoberfest is fun too!!!! (if you like beer)
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I love Helen, such a great little town. Check out the black dog bistro up there, awesome burgers.
Haven't been to Helen in a few years. I need to get down there soon.
Helen Rocks..Used to live in Atlanta, camp at unicoi and ride there, pretty challenging trails. Great beer and food too. Miss that place!
I know where I'm going for my vacation this year. What time of year do you think is best to ride?
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