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Heil Ranch Conditions?

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Does anyone have an up-date on the conditions for the Heil, Wild Turkey, Picture Rock trails? They seem to be the first to dry out this time of year. I am considering the possibility of heading out there later today.

Thanks -
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from friday...
ignazjr said:
Hall and Heil both suck right now. It's going to be a while.
That's still current info. Everything around Lyons is super muddy.
I went up to take a run on the Nighthawk trail and talked to a couple of guys that just rode Bitterbrush to the bench. Their report was 'muddy'. Their bikes were were a mess.
I rode Heil from the parking lot up Wapiti and around Ponderosa this morning. The starting temp was around 28 degress and all was good early on. Wapiti is great once you get past the road onto single track above the bench. Ponderosa loop is mostly snow packed with some dry/ some icy but was all ridable before it got too warm. Wild Turkey was a no-go and I can only assume PR down below was, too. My bike was basically clean until the end of my ride back down to the Heil parking lot. It was a slog fest down low on the road above the parking lot and I am paying for it in a major drive train cleaning tonight. It will be bad news unless you go while it is still frozen. It should be 100% about the time the next storm rolls in. I will post a few pics here in a few...
Heil Ranch conditions

Heil is OK when frozen. Stay away above 32 degrees for a few more days.


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Somebody teach me how to label each photo. :)
The dry spots are Wapiti. The muddy spot is the junction of Ponderosa/ Wild Turkey - the picture doesn't show how bad it was. I stopped, snapped a photo and turned around.
The snowy spots are Ponderosa counter clock wise from Wapiti. One rider told me he went clockwise on Ponderosa and couldn't make it. I saw him at the rock formations/ build ups at WT/Ponderosa as I came back from the overlook.
Man, it was fun. Just respect those trails. I saw a lot of foot and bike tracks going around the muddy/ rutty spots. Keep the single track single!
Slasa E said:
Somebody teach me how to label each photo. :)!
good report though :thumbsup: the only way i know how to label each images is the use of photoshops.
Have the images hosted somewhere else like photobucket or flickr. Then you can type in your text and insert the
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