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heels rub chainstays on kula 29

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wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

I got my kula 29 last month as a warr replacment for my explosif 29 that cracked. All the parts were swapped over by my kona dealer. I've put probably 60 miles on the kula and have rubbed the left chainstay down to bare metal already. the clear/paint is scuffed on the right side but not as bad. I heard an odd squeak the first few rides and couldn't figure it out till i washed my bike and found the scuffs. The lbs has looked at the bike and saw no problems. I love the bike but i don't want to tear anything up by riding it this way. My explosif had no rub marks at all and it had around the same milage as my kula.

Thanks for any input!
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Is the chainstay shape different on the Kula 2-9?? Are your arches falling??
according to the kona catalog the specs are all the same...

falling arches? the arch of the shoe or my foot? i am using about 10 yr old specialized shoes but they didn't hit on the explosif...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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