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Heeeeelp Please!!!!!! New Dh Bike!!!!

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I´m starting at downhill and I´m getting another bike for me.
I was thinking about the IRON HORSE SGS EXPERT frame with a Marz JR.T fork. the fork I already have, but I need a frame.

I thought about the SGS EXPERT because I´m really lightweight (60kg - 130lbs). so I think I better get a light frame. but the question is: IS THE SGS EXPERT A GOOD FRAME TO USE WITH A 7" DOUBLE CROWN FORK (JR.T BOXXER ETC)??????

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Absoluley not.
DJrider04 said:
Absoluley not.
yup, sorry, the Expert is a FR bike, not a DH bike. If you DH on it, you could void your warranty, hurt yourself, and possibly open an interdimensionary gate to the 9th level of hell. Please please PLEASE do all of mankind a favor and rethink this. ;)

In all seriousness, yes it can be DH'ed, but it has a steeper head angle and higher bb than a DH bike. If you're looking for a bike solely to DH on, check out the SGS DH series instead, or if you're looking for a bike to pedal up as well as bomb down, a FR bike is fine.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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