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new heckler

it's been redesigned!

available spring 2007
"Sweet and simple" are words that usually have some sort of double meaning when strung together. They damn with faint praise - "Sure is a sweet dog you got there. Shame it's so dang ugly..." "These directions are so simple, a monkey could understand them..." But in the case of the new Heckler, the third and final member of our single pivot revival, those words are perfect.

All the lovable traits of Hecklers past are retained, with some new tweaks added to make a good thing even better. The stout 6069 aluminum front triangle features advanced gussets reinforcing the headtube without adding boat anchor weight. The shaped downtube leaves enough space for any single crown fork to fit with room to spare. The rear swingarm now pivots on an optimally placed, 15mm diameter axle, rides on lifetime guaranteed bearings and coughs up 5.9-inches of travel. A new replaceable rear derailleur hanger sits independently of the rear dropout, and all the frame components can be disassembled or put back together with a few allen wrenches.

Light & durable advanced 6069 gussets
It's an all-season, all-terrain all-rounder. It's a tough duty trailbike that can be ridden hard and put away wet and always be ready for more. It's sweet, like alpine singletrack on the first warm day after the snow has melted. It's simple, like a real sharp ax. Sweet, simple, and proud of it.

Replaceable rear derailleur hanger

Plenty of tire clearance
# Burly 15mm main pivot, lifetime bearing guarantee!
# 5.9" rear travel, 6.4lb frame and shock weight (medium, Fox Float R shock)
# Clearance for 8" brake rotors
# Updated geometry designed around 140mm forks, able to take up to 170mm
# Super clean replaceable derailleur hanger
# Recessed, threaded shock mounts and tool friendly design
# Available in choice of five powdercoat, two anodized, and one polished finish

Production models expected to start shipping in April, Santa Cruz Bicycles will be accepting orders after January 15th.

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