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Broke my rear mech hanger yesterday on a ride. Replaced it with a genuine SC replacement hanger which I have been carrying around in my pack for about a year. Noticed that the the little stub which prevents the derailleur from swinging too far forward is very short (the original hanger actually looks the same also) and after a ride my Saint rear mech had rode past the stub and wedged itself on the side of the mode converter on the rear mech and the hanger. I'm running a 11-34 cassette so have installed the 'mode converter' on the rear mech. Just curious to see if anyone else has the same problem? Noticed that the hangers on the BETD site appear to have a longer stub to prevent this happening. I don't want to banjo my mech. Here is a picture from the BETD site showing the hanger and stub.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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