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Heckler or Motolite???

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Just interested in some different thoughts. They are both on sale for a little over $1000. Heckler comes with a Fox Float R, Motolite comes with a Fox RP23. The riding here in Florida is mostly short technical climbs and decents.:confused:
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Both are fantastic bikes. Moto-lite is more on the XC end and the Heckler is more on the AM/Freeride side of things. Titus Horst Link design is excellent (I own two Titus bikes and they pedal extremely well) but the Heckler pedals pretty damn well for a single pivot. Both bikes carve turns very well. You won't go wrong with either. I would pick based on your tendency to prefer more XC stuff or more AM/Freeride stuff.
Keep an eye on Chainlove, the motolite has been popping up regularly for 1600
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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