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Heckler and Marzocchi Z150

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Heckler and Marzocchi Z150 Freeride

My polished Heckler has arrived to Finland today (I have not yet seen it, though) and I need to decide on the fork. I am riding some hard single track and light north shore freeriding (up to 5-10foot drops to transitions).

I have a Marzocchi Z1 Freeride 03 on my hardtail that I could use, or a Marzocchi Z150 FR that I could get slightly used for a good price.

Do you know what is the head angle of a heckler with a 2.25" stroke 5th Element and Marzocchi Z150?

Is it a too slack geometry for trailriding. (3-4hours of technical single track, with uphills and downhills)?
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go with the Z1.
the 150 just makes it into a chopper.
I run a Fox Talas RLC and love the height... plenty strong with 32mm tubes.
You might PM padre. His dad has been riding the z150/heckler for a while now and might have some insight. I am holding off for the new 2005 forks since all manufacturers will be releasing 5-6" on-the-fly travel adjustable forks which will really be the ticket for the heckler.
both forks are brilliant, I have Z150 and have no complaint. If you wait for 2005 there will be Z1FR with 15 cm travel which will be same as Z150FR but 500g lighter... You can get Z150FR for half price now which is a lot compared to half a kilo :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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