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Heavy Duty Pedal-able Rim....

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I am building a steel hardtail that will be for aggressive XC and some local park (jumps, small drops, etc) riding. I am about 245lbs. I am looking for a new wheelset that will be strong and light for riding XC and park. I am hoping to do this with one wheelset. So far, I have been looking at a couple Mavic rims (XM819 - lighter, EX823 - heavier), but they don't seem to have something that is exactly what I want.

I have been looking at two others. The DT Swiss EX5.1d (will be built on an XT rear, DMR 20mm front). Anyone trail riding these rims? Seems like their weight is reasonable and they are getting good reviews....

The other set is Azonic Outlaws. I can't seem to find any weights on these rims. Anyone trail riding these on a regular basis?
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Those are the next rims for me (5.1). Must say thought that my DT 4.1's have been taking a good beating this summer and keep rolling straight. Sinc you are a big doooood you may wanna step up to the 6.1's. especially since you are gonna beat a HT up at the DJ, drops, and whatever else you're gonna huck off.

Just my .02
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