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Hi all!

My trip starts in Salt Lake City and ends in Denver. I have 2 weeks to connect the dots. I've heard of incredible destinations like Park City, Moab, Fruita and Crested Butte. There are too many good things along the way and not enough time to do it all. So the challenge is to build a schedule that fits as much as physically possible while balancing diversity to keep it fun.

I'm an intermediate XC racer with Audax Randonneur experience. I'm looking for great scenery to capture on video/camera while having a blast. I'll be traveling solo so navigating the trails is something to consider. Period is late May, early June.

Besides route planning I need help with general guidance. Is it easy to hook up with locals and ride in groups? How much riding per day is a reasonable plan? Can I rely on smartphone GPS navigation to get me through the trails? I could ride all day long but is there anything else I should consider doing in the region?

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