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Back in April I had an OTB crash at the local DJ's that left me with a separated left shoulder, fractured left radial head at my elbow which required surgery and a broken right wrist.

From what I have read it takes anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to recover from these types of injuries. I have another surgery scheduled soon to remove the hardware in my elbow. Lots of PT to go here and surgery on the shoulder is looking more likely. Riding Santa Cruz, Carlmont, Pacifica, Keystone, SolVista, the Watershed, etc will have to wait until next year.

What better to do than build up a new ride?

First thing I had to do was sacrifice a couple existing rides to round up some cash. First to go was a P1.

Next to go (and this was a hard one to part with) was my Yeti DJ.

Now, with some cash in hand, it was time to find a nice used frame to build up. Luckily, the ridemonkey classifieds did not disappoint and I found a reasonably price 07 Specialized SX to pass the time with.

An XT crank and some Kona Wah Wahs are among the first parts to trickle in.

I just ordered the majority of the remaining parts yesterday. Planned build as follows:
2007 Spec SX Size Long with Fox RP3
2006 RockShox Pike 454 Coil
FSA Pig DH Pro Headset
Wheelset - Mavic Crossmax SX
2008 XT Cranks
Chainring - TBD
2008 Ultegra Cassette 12-25
2008 XT Shadow Derailler and XT Shifters
SRAM 991 Chain
Gamut P40 Chainguide with Smoke Bash
XT Hydros
Thomson X4 Stem 50 0 rise
Easton EA70 Monkey Bars
SDG White Ti Fly seat

I'll post more pics as the build progresses for the recovering crowd.



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