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From CK website:

Taking care not to shear o-ring, slide bearing cap, any spacers, and then stem over steerer tube. Place stem cap on top of stem and insert screw through cap, threading into star nut. Tighten approx. 4-10 in.-lb. (Max. 15 in. lb.)

Adjust alignment of stem and secure according to stem manufacturers specifications.

Check headset for proper adjustment. When properly adjusted, the fork will rotate smoothly without play or restriction. Some settling may occur after 1st few rides; readjust if necessary. If necessary, adjust cap nut and stem bolts as above until proper adjustment is achieved. NOTE: New seals will produce some resistance in rotation for the first 50-100 hours of use. Avoid confusing this with rubbing or binding that may result from improper installation or stems that are not properly faced.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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