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So, I bought a new steel single speed frame from a well known builder about 2 months ago. When I built it the new king headset went in realy easy, not much torqe on the press. I called my shop and explained. I was told to go ahead and ride it and see what happens, fair enough. Two weeks ago I decided it was'nt right and made arrangements to send it back to the manufacturer. Soon thereafter I got a call from them saying they put a new headset in and it went in fine.
WTF? I thought I was going crazy. I asked if it was a new king headset that they put in, no it was Cane Creek. When they tried a new king in my frame and several other frames there the King was too loose.
Turns out that the O.D. on an 1-1/8th king headset is 34.0. the target standard is 34.5 to 34.15 see... Tech Specs Rev E.pdf

The manufacturer blamed the problem on king and thier tubing manufacturer, True Temper. The problem was news to them with my frame although there are photos of my brand of frame on the web with king headsets.
The solution, I will be getting my frame back with a new Cane Creek 110 installed @ no charge. I was told by the manufacturer that after some research theirs was not the only brand to have this problem and other steel frame builders have had this problem.
The reason I am not providing the name brand of my frame is that their service was so good and they were so helpful I would not want anyone to cross this bike off their list becaue they can't put a king headset in. Just be sure when you buy a True Temper frame you be sure before you choose a headset that it fits. Plus with a little research you can figgure it out.
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