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Headset for a Butcher?

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Sorry if this has been asked before but I have just ordered a new Butcher.

I have a standard fork (1 1/8) what headset options do I have? I am on budget so Chris King is ruled out straight away. I am here in the UK so it needs to be available here.

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Cane Creek just re-badged their long standing 'S' series as the '40' series. It's got some nice trickle down technology from their high end stuff, but at a much better price. They have every combination imaginable and you can get tops and bottoms separate. Your LBS should be able to order you what you need.
Cane Creek

I have a CC ZS-3 on my Butcher. I couldn't be happier with it, I ordered one after my frame was delivered to my LBS. I'm using a 150mm Talas with 11/8" steerer tube for now, and the headset works perfect. Really a great headset IMHO, I've been using one for about 7 months.

thanks for that, is that headset designed for a tapered head tube (1 1/8 - 1.5) using a 1/18 steerer tube...I take it has a reducer in the bottom cup?
hillwilly, just looked on some omnline bike shops but the ZS-3 only comes as 1 1/8?
I didn't install the headset myself, my LBS did, and I was at work when he installed it. I wanted to wait until my Butcher frame came in, so my LBS would order the right headset. He might of used different bottom cups from CC, not sure.
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