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Integrated stack + headset cap: Good idea or bad idea to use?

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SWorks Epic HT, SWorks Stumpjumper
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Hi all,

Nerd question here. Building an sworks frame and it comes with a new kind of steerer tube spacer that I haven't seen before that integrates the headset cap into the spacer. The upside is that it looks sweet and minimizes the number of 'parts' in the stack which looks great. The downside is that the rubber o-ring rotates against the headset cup and I'm concerned could damage the headset cup over time (years) with grit etc. where a traditional headset cap doesn't rotate with the fork and therefore causes no wear on the frame itself.

Am I overthinking this? Do you think that the new specialized approach with an integrated stack + headset cap that rotates against the cup buffered by an o-ring is ok to use or should be discarded?

Thanks all!

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