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I was replacing my brakelines with the "Genuine Avid kit".I have a set of Juicy 7s that can't be more than 2 years old.I used the crush sleeve screw that came with the kit.(the part that threads into the lever body)As I tightened it it felt sort of tight,but I thought it was crushing the sleeve.I went to bleed and found I had a big leak from the screw.I stripped out my lever body.Avid has changed the pitch of the screw to a finer pitch so the one supplied with the kit will not work with the older model brake.MAKE SURE TO CHECK THAT THE NEW SCREW MATCHES THE OLD ONE OR USE THE ORIGINAL!!!
I realize this is my fault([email protected]$$),but why doesn't Avid supply both new and old screws in the kit?
Since I have access to a machine shop, I'm going to try to helicoil the lever body so I won't have to go through the hastle and costof replacing my lever.
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