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liberal idealogues attempting to shut normal folk out of trails...

In an unprecedented move Salem, Oregon native Skinny Hippy coordinates with Oregon Dept. of Forestry officials in the creation of a 986 acre mtn. bike only recreation area (that's right! no hikers, equestrians, or atv'ers) open to the public complete with freeride stunts, down hills, long xc rides, whatever your addiction requires. "Keeping the stinky hippies at bay was an enormous task" said Skinny Hippy, "they tried everything, espousing that off-road cyclists are right wing conservatives with nothing but money on their minds, that the deer would become extinct, that the Oregon Coast Range could possibly sink if the mtn. bikers weren't kept out. It was quite a battle, but we won when our reinforcements flanked the hippies, tracked the stink to it's source, and was able to subdue the enemy with kind bud and old Bobby McFerrin tunes."

After nearly two years of work, the dream is a reality, note: Californians are not allowed unless you bring the Terminator.

old passion poster, then lurker, then nothing, back to lurker, first new post in several years....guess who.
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