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I'm heading to PHX on a business trip in the next couple of weeks, so I was thinking about checking out some of the trails for a day. I'd be riding on a weekday.

I'd need to rent a bike in the area too.

I've been looking at some of the online trail guides. I'm looking for a 3 - 5 hour ride (maybe 20-25 miles). I like technical climbs and descents, but not quite DH.

Any Suggestions? Maybe the Mormon/Natl Trails?

Where can I rent a good 5"+ bike?
I currently ride a 5-Spot, so I'd like to rent something roughly in that range.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Check out Their shop is just about 1/2 mile from some south mountain trailheads and they rent bikes. Used to rent 5" Jamis trailbikes about a year ago, don't know what they rent now.
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