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Head set

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I haven't pressed a head set in in a long time. You really have to crank on the presss to get it in right?
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Last one I did, I pounded that mofo in with a hammer and a board. Grease her up and crank on your your little boy press. Or get the sledge and pound away like a man.
Traktor said:
Last one I did, I pounded that mofo in with a hammer and a board. Grease her up and crank on your your little boy press. Or get the sledge and pound away like a man.
cracks me up :p

shouldn't be much different to pressing a bearing. I'd recommend some grease too.
Traktor, your killing me. The single greatest username/post combination know to all mankind. I'm sure once we've all stopped laughing the guilt will set in over all the heads cup we've beaten @#$% out of. All steel frames, though, I'm sure.

Big Mama is tight. Think fish's arse tight. Not sure I'm ready to beat her up though.

Mackgoo, my Big Mama was bloody hard to get the cups in. Definately use the press, then come and tell Traktor you flogged her senseless. That way he won't think your a girl and you won't have order another frame.

Best of luck. Your in for a fight.
While you CAN bang them in with a piece of wood and a hammer (most of us have at one point or another...) and the wood block will protect the headset but unfortunately not your frame..... even a relatively inexpensive press or home made one will save you a lot of heartache for the one time you happen to get a bit over zealous with the hammer-
5 to 10 inch bolt (depending on your bike), a nut, and 20-40 washers from your local hardware store makes a great press. About $5-$10 if I remember right.
I figure it's a two girl,,,er man job. One to hold the frame and the other cranks the press.
I admit to using the board-and-hammer technique also :lol: That was a steel frame. For the aluminum frame, I used the board-and-vice technique. Also effective, and a bit more controlled.

Yes, they are tight. Grease everything up good and as long as you have a press, just go slow and make sure it's straight.
good god! what a bunch of hamfists! If you can't shell out $10 for your [or a] bike shop to press in the head set properly, at least get a creative and make your own damned press. pray4snow is right. A long, 3/4 inch bolt[bigger is better] and a few nice, big, thick washers works much, mucho better.

Blindly wailing on the the headset with a hammer and 2x4 can only lead to heartache. One miss aligned swing with the hammer, and you're looking at a pile of scrap that used to be a bike frame.
^^ that's where confidence and competence with a hammer come into play. No one said "blindly wailing." Picture Chuck Norris executing a roundhouse kick to someone's face. Then remove his boot and replace it with a hammer. Then remove his leg and replace it with my arm. Then remove the guys face and replace it with my headset. Then remove the rest of Chuck Norris and replace it with the rest of me. Are you following me here??

And I did "make" a press...out of a vice :lol:

And my "local" bike shop is 40 miles away... we ******** generally apply our skills out of necessity.
It is called "Pressing" in a headset, not beating the sh!t out of the headset to get it in.
I always thought it was "stressing"... because that's the part of the build when you could potentially do the most damage. Who knew?
OldHouseMan, confess your hideous past. You'll feel much better once it's over.
Cranked that sucker on today. Had the frame between my legs and cranked. I had to slip a box wrench on one of the arms for a little more leverage.
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