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Okiedoke. I'd like to tell you about my last two frames.

I bought a commencal meta 55 some time at the beginning of the year this year. I have a review on here somewhere. I rode it for like 8 months, and it's the bike that has sent me sprawling more than any other mtb i've owned. It never felt right. It took me a while to realize that if you are descending the seat has to be at full extension or slammed, and even after i slammed it for every descent i'd still crash, frequently, in places that never gave me trouble on the all mountain hardtails that preceded it. The suspension would give me confidence to charge in, and then i'd underweight the front or rear wheel and end up going somewhere i didn't intend to- either on to my head or off in to the bushes, depending on which wheel i lost track of. Eventually i didn't want to go mountain biking, and i was nervous and slower than the people i used to lead on my hardtails.

That's not my bike, but you get the idea.

I recently got a Diamondback Mission frame and moved all the commencal parts over.

It shares the same head angle, rising rate linkage single pivot suspension, bb height, parts, weight, and the travel is very close, so at a glance they're virtually the same bike. The devil is in the details, and this frame has felt like an extension of my hands and feet from the first time i rode it.

The mission is a longer bike from the head tube back (another half inch in the reach and 3/4" in the chainstays), and the way the seat lowers changes how it balances. The commencal seat tube came in forward of the bottom bracket pushing the rider forward when he lowered the seat. Corners could be taken without moving from the attack position, but navigating over obstacles or severe steeps required hopping behind the seat. The mission is the opposite, and feels more natural to me; tuck your shoulders in to the turn but just lean back and hang on when it gets hairy.

So there you have it, it doesn't take much to turn **** into chocolate, and i'm happy to ride again. The commencal frame will be up for sale soon, but i'm not doing a very good job pitching it. :thumbsup:
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