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HB's Stolen DHR

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Greg Herbold was riding South Mountain with the DHR left cabled up in the parking lot when someone cut the cable and made off with his large black DHR. It has a prototype 40mm single crown Rock Shox on it, all SRAM drive drain of course with TruVativ and Avid stuff all over. What sets it apart is the White Syncros rims, probably not many of those on a large DHR rolling around Tempe. If there is any question it would also have multiple variations of HBall stickers on the frame. If anyone see it or pieces of it call the PD.

Thank you

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turnerbikes said:
It has a prototype 40mm single crown Rock Shox on it
Obviously the thief din't know much about MTB's... that 40mm SC fork will be so easy to recognize!

I hope the bike in whole could be recevered. Big bummer. Not even the legends of our sport are safe now.

Thanks for the heads up!
uncomfortable for Greg

Many years ago I was in a similar situation when I had a bike stolen out of my locked camper shell in a condo garage in Mammoth at the National finals. There was less than 5 Rock Shox at the race, and I lost one. I was so bummed to have lost something so rare and important. Of course the bike was never found.

Dude that blows!!! I know how he feels, had a bike stolen from me last year. It was full of parts I had worked for months to track down.

Best of luck finding it and I hope they nab the @sshole that took it. What shame that some people can't work for and earn what they get.

happy trails...

Dave, Call Cactus Bikes & post this on the AZ board

There is a very tight nit group of riders in Phoenix and a very tight group DH/FR crowd. Call cactus bike & have em keep and eye( 877-743-3291). This pretty crappy news as I have always admired HB. Slippery Pig bike shop is also a pretty good place to call (602 263 5143)
that sucks.

Definintely cross-post this over on the AZ forum.
ive forwarded this news to a old pal who runs a somewhat popular website about bikes, and some other life essentials as well as bein a az resident with strong contacts. might help if we had a serial number and a pic to reference. lets hope the odds favor us all and a recovery is comming soon. im workin on it.

Unfortunately many of us know the pain of having a bike stolen. Let's hope this one has a happy ending especially as rare prototypes were involved as well as a mtb legend!
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