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I have owned my giant reign for three years now and the brakes are Hayes Stroker Ryde and they either work or they are making noises a pig makes when tied up, or when braking it feels like someone has tossed rocks in the calipers but those are fixable and i have learned to deal with them. I just got my bike back from the shop (very good shop and not sketchy), had them bleed the brakes, replace the pads and a service with a replace as needed on the ticket. Today i went on a longer ride and coming back down it was a mix of everything, the brakes were squealing, felt like rocks in the calipers but what bugs me in the worst way is the amount of slop in the stroke. The rear brake is the worst, half the stroke is free play. Now first thing i am thinking is that they need bleed again but if i just had this done and had the return springs replaceds also, why would it do this? Im kinda stumped at this point. I am very mechanically inclined and own my own tools but i really want to know if cyclinder worn out and allowing air in but that doesnt make sense because it would leak also. I am going to call the shop in the morning and see what we can do but at this point but im looking for a second opinion(or more). Really dont want to drop the coin to replace them at the moment but its an option at the moment. This is not my first bike with Hydro brakes. My NRS AIR team edition with XTR stuff has never had problems like this.
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