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Hayes Stroker vs Hayes HFX9

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How do these two hydro brakes compare? I had the HFX9's on my Kona that I use to have, but all I hear about is the Stroker Trails. I am going to upgrade my brakes on my current bike and need some input.
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The HFX9 has a great caliper the G2 but the master is the weak point but the 9 master is designed as a budget entry level hydraulic brake.:thumbsup:

Stroker is a replacement for the aging Mag that was the top hydro of its time. Going to the radial master cylinder and increasing the pad contact area made for a more powerful system yet retaining the Hayes feel and feedback of controlled braking. :cornut:

Go for the Trail your grin will just grow larger. :rockon:
replaced my HFX9 HD's with a set of stroker trails. Tons of improvement. better modulation, more power at the end of the stroke. IMO, a good brake gets used less. I definately feel like I braked less since I had more control over exactly how much power I was putting down. Also, they have been running for 9 months or so without a hiccup. I'll see how they do with bike park action sometime this summer.
Thanks for the input.,
I was leaning towards that HFX since I have used them before and the price is about $100 for the pair, but you guys are starting to get me to lean towards the Strokers. I do more XC than DH or FR, if that makes a difference.

Also, is there much of a difference between the Stroker Ryders(sp?) and Stroker Trails?
This is where I got mine - about 140 shipped, not much more than the HFX

The Rydes have a tooled reach adjust and a smaller brake pad instead of a tool-less adjust and larger pad. Get the Trails.
old bike had hfx9 and new has stroker trails. the trails do absolutely everything better. not that that 9's were all that bad or anything, but the trails are just a better brake for any kind of riding.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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