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Hayes Stroker Carbons: Real "Grabby" Feeling, need pad suggestions

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I've been running with the Stroker Carbons for a little over a season. Never replaced the pads (stock pads; whatever came loaded in the caliper), but since day 1 they've felt really "grabby" especially when not warmed up. When they're really hot they feel great but this is less than 10% of the trail time.
I don't really know much about brake pad compounds (I think the stock pads are semi-metallic?) but is there a optional pad compound that will give a more progressive feel and help with this grabby feeling.
I've seen some sintered pad and organic(?) pad options.

Comments? Suggestions?
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My stroker carbons were loaded with sintered pads by default, and after accidental contamination, I could never make them grabby again :S
The sintered pads have a copper coloured backing, so you can identify them that way. I've personally used some semi-metallic compounds afterwards, and they feel very consistent, so give it a try...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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