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well the link on their new site has vanished.Products | Hayes Disc Brake they offered step by step guides for strokers-hfx-ect.......anyone find another site with such info??? I found the m/c bores to be of much higher quality(machining surfaces) than any avid juicy I have worked on as well as caliper internals.and metal master cyl. pistons as opposed to the plastic ones of Avids.

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Try their facebook page:

You'll probably get a reply on there but it mightn't be what you want.

I sent a message saying:
"Where's all of the technical info gone off the Hayes Disc Brake website? The new look website is useless if you have an older model brake and you need some info on it."

They replied saying:
"We're sorry to hear that. If you send a note to our customer service team, they'll be able to answer any question you may have. "
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