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Hayes Mag issues post bleeding

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OK, I've got three bikes all with Hayes HFX Mag brakes. Over the years, I've (bled) them twice/year so I'm pretty good at servicing these and have no issues with any of them except for one rear brake on one of my Yeti 575's. Post bleed, it feels really solid and works flawlessly... But, during/after a ride its feeling mushy and the lever seems to change distance before it provides braking power (indicative to air in system I would assume) There are no external leaks anywhere and every time I bleed it, there are no signs of air bubbles coming out of the master cylinder. So... I'm :madman: and :confused: . Not sure where to go from here. Master Hayes guys.... any ideas????
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shot being???????

Cups on the piston or something else:confused: If the cup seals are blown, won't there be some seepage?
The master cylinder is in the lever. Occasionally they go bad. Leaks, internal bypass, etc, etc.

You might as well do a complete rebuild and rebuild the calipers too.
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