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Does anyone know how effective is the new hayes EL Camino vs Shimano Deore disc brake in term of power?

Does the Hayes weight less than Deore disc brakes?

How does El Camino brakes adjustability affect braking power? although Deore doesn't have the same feature, How is El Camino better than Deore in this category. Can anyone tell me if it is worth to upgrade to El Camino when both brakes can stop the bike instantly.

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There is definitely a performance difference . . . .

However, whether the cost differential is worth it will vary from one rider to another.

When you try compare the el camino to deore, try to remember the transition from vee brakes to discs. I was in no hurry to get discs when people told me how much power they had. My thought was "I can do an endo perfectly well already--why do I need more power?" What comes with the additional power and adjustability of the el caminos is fantastic modulation that you can set to your very precise preferences. I can now ride very long, sketchy, technical downhills with no more than a single finger on each hand. I have exactly the amount of power and very precise control I need.

Given all their power and adjustability, the el caminos are very light. Lighter than deore and lighter than the Avid Juicy which is the closest comparison in terms of features and performance.

Having said all that, the deore seems to be a fine brake. I haven't used them long-term, but I spent a couple days with a set on a demo bike (Rocky Mountain Element) in Fruita. They were more than adequate. When I bought my new bike (Yeti 575 with the pro kit), I was willing to sacrifice price for performance. The lighter weight/better performance combination made it a no-brainer for me--but then I had already committed to buying my absolute dream bike regardless of the cost.

Either way, you'll enjoy the ride.
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