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Having trouble removing cranks

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I'm converting my 21 speed 1997 GT Backwoods to a single speed
I've completely stripped the bike down, minus the cranks.
These are Shimano Alivio cranks.
I removed the allen head screws from the cranks and it appears the
ends of the spindle are square. However, there appears to be a square
drive washer threaded down into the crank arm. Am I correct in assuming
I need a 1/2" drive ratchet to back this washer out?
I though the crank arms would just pop off like an old school BMX crank, but
obviously not after a couple whacks with a mallet.
Thanks for reading
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sounds like you need a crank puller (square taper)....once you put it in and turn it it will pull the crank arms off.
i just put up this vid. should apply to sqaure taper cranks
Not quite the same tool between square taper and ISIS/Octalink, though. There are two types of crank puller, one for square taper, which has smaller diameter end to push against the spindle end, like this Another one for ISIS/Octalink, has a bit larger diameter end like this
Thanks guys...found a couple links to this as well.

Looks like another eBay item.
tools, tools, tools, and more tools.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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