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Hey guys - out of the blue sky today my local shop offered me an 04 Stumpjumper FSR Expert Disc. It was a demo bike and has 350k on it. They are offering me full warranty and service just as on a new bike. The bike doesn't look like it hasn't been abused as there are no scratches on it.

The price - $2700 Canadian (flat price, no tax, throwing in a free cycle-computer, and other small goodies). This bike retails for $2170 USD. Even when using a standart 1.3 exchange rate and 15% tax, it would come to about $3300. Here in Canada, we never seem to get bikes at MSRP anyways ..

I know I would probably get a better deal on a bike towards the end of the year, but hey - This bike is my size, and is available now. The shop is a 15 minute bike ride from my house and I love the staff there. Another major deciding point - on Saturday I'll be leaving for a week to Algonquin park - Minnesing mountain bike trails here I come!

I was originally going to get a new bike after exams - but after I found out I'd be going on vacation (july 7-21) I decided not to do it (didn't want almost new bike standing in my garage). At the time I thought of course it'd be nice to have a bike at Algonquin, but I thought it was impossible because with the time between the 2 vacations I wouldn't have enough time to break in the bike and get used to clipless. However - now with the bike broken in and the shop willing to put some cleap flats on there for now for free (Clipless pedals are still mine), this deal seems too good to pass up.

Anyways, what do you think guys?

(See more info on this bike here)

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Do It!

dusty said:
It's a good bike. If you like it and it's the right size and feels right, get it.
That is an AMAZING looking bike and i want one really badly. It has awesome components, looks sick, already broken in, good shop staff, good deal, it feels good... There are no reasons not to buy it. That bike will own Alqonquin too. The 4" of Fox/FSR travel would be perfect. Just read the reviews. That should be enough to convince you. The only major complaint is low BB height.
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