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Ya same goes for you chris, send me a PM or more importantly dabbs a PM on the sweetspot bikes forum and i can get yall connected...and hook you up with maybe 2 other serious MTB'ers...i do not live there anymore......i moved back home to meridian where im having a blast cleaning my own trails... ;)

And from what ive heard the trails are really tore up...i havent been to Hburg in prolly 8 months so i havent seen the damage

the powerlines had trails within the treeline between the open space powerline area and the interstate...tight twisty and technical...of course the exterior powerlines are rideable but i call that a jeep road and used it as a means to get more miles in ....

there is also a trail we call south hattiesburg that starts on the power station side of richburg goes behind the power station and all the way to the south hattiesburg Interstate exit (out and back)

the east side of N 40th ave had some of the best trails but are soon to be a subdivision since the land is/was for sale................the trails behind the nice homes on the west side of N 40th are ok as well but tend to get wet and i said riding Hburg will really help bike handling ....however the speed factor will always be seriously lacking

from what i gather their should be at least 5 of yall who can get together down there.....just going on people who post in this and the other forum...

to really get something going there i would start finding an area off of the rail trail and building some new stuff


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Bude is gonna be awhile

ChrisJ said:
Cool Cool. Ive been out of it for a few months now no one to ride with. And bethel isn't clear. I'd love to make the trip to Bude again. Funds are tight right now though.
The most recent email from the ranger at Bude wasn't optimistic they would get the trails ridable soon. I hope they get things back in shape by Jan of next year...

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