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Has Wildcat in KSF been damaged???

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Just read this article: : and wondering what was going on?
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crashedandburned said:
Just read this article: : and wondering what was going on?
Instead, they built the new mile-long road along an unauthorized route, felling hundreds of trees and wiping out a section of Wildcat Ridge Trail, said John Hendley, superintendent of the state forest.
From the sounds of it they did. Sad part is their restoration will leave that section of the trail pretty tame.
Don't that just suck !

I really like Wildcat too. I hope it was on the top of the ridge and didn't damage the downhill portion of it. Maybe LowCel will get a look at it. That must be what the earlier post was about.
Wildcat review

I've ridden wildcat 3-4 times since the road work began and ridden the boundry road several more times. The new road skirts the old boundry road and is a major new cut as discribed in the article. You can still ride most of the old boundry road that paralells the new one. The portion of Wildcat that is removed was right at the top. You drop down from the old road for about 30 - 40 yards cross the new road and then continue on with the original trail.
It sucks but is not as bad as it sounds. I worst part is the eye sore 8 lane highway they created through there.
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