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Has HopeTech Levers Hit Dealers Yet?

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Gotta put in for my Christmas presents, so I was thinking about these. Anyone know if they are in dealers as separates? I was considering finally getting the matching Moto lever for my M4, but maybe this is a better deal?
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Yes. I just got my Hope Tech X2s. Shipment from the UK is with Hope USA. They're in the process of shipping to dealers.
Jerk_Chicken said:
I am only looking for the Tech levers...
Any idea what MSRP will be for a set of these JC? I might finally get adventurous and trim my rear brake line this winter, and seeing as how I wouldn't mind having a set of these, it'd be nice to do it all once if I can afford it.
I was told some months ago that it would be on par with current levers, though with a mild increase.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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