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Hi Picard,
I bought the 2013 Dixon Carbon RX and its awesome!

I have taken it on some flowy single track, epic cross-country ups, and some gnarly downhill riding as well.

It handles all superbly! Only down I have found is that on steep climbs that are rocky and filled with roots the ride was kinda hard. I think my skill and fitness let me down on the climbs and not the bike.

I flipped the linkage to steepen up the head tube on one of this gnarly climbs and the difference is definitely noticeable. However I found it scary trying to go downhill with the steeper head angle. I felt like i was going to go over the hangers regularly. So If u have some time to switch it for long uphills and switch the linkage back for the down I would say its a good option. If your friends are impatient you will be best to leave it in the slacker position.

Downhill this thing tracks and holds a line like a beast. I love this bike so much.

My reasoning in buying this bike was as follows:
I wanted a bike that I could take and not be held back on XC trails in the twilight hours after work(I work in the mountains as a tour guide all summer) but then on the random weekend that I get my Partner to shuttle me or I go to a bike park I wanted to be able to use the same bike.

I have used the bike for all my prospective situations and I am not disappointed.

Riding on the bike includes:
XC - Nose Hill Park, East C.O.P. Trails, Tunnel Mountain Loop, Norquay rode to Upper Stoney Squaw to Lower Stoney Squaw, Return of the Jedi
DH - Moose Mountain Shaft, Moose Mountain T-Dub, Banff Starwars

If you want to ride similar to what I have outlined then I would recommend this bike to all!
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