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Has anyone switched from TWISTERS to X-Gen TRIGGERS and not gone back?

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I'm curious to see how many have made the switch and not returned to twisters? I currently have 9.0 Twisters on my ride and have used GripShift + Twisters all my life. I did try the XT RapidFires a couple of times but didn't stick it out.

However, I tried an X.7 Trigger on a demo bike this week and was surprised I liked it. Now I'm itching to try a X.9 Trigger on my own ride. Twisters, while fast and excelling in triming the FD, is difficutlt for me to move while holding the handlebars -- especially fast hairy sections. The Triggers seemed more precicse and hardly displayed any chain rub. Addtionally, the Triggers kept me smooth in ramping up or down the gears. With the Twisters, I tended to grab full of gears and turn them from one extreme to another -- with the Triggers, I'll have to discipline myself to the art of changing gears, gracefully.
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