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JFR has seen it, and he said,

It was okay. Hope you like Marian Jones... that sprinter chic... seemed like half the dang movie was about her.

The bit of time spent on Marla (Streb) were a real let down in my book... unless you like fire roads, wide open high speed slick rock in Moab, and road riding (yes, on her road bike). I thought the movie did a terrible job of capturing the thrills of mtbing.

Okay, now that I've set low expectations, go see it... you'll like it more if you don't expect too much :)

Seriously, it IS entertaining... Lisa really liked it... and you gotta love IMAX... I just had REALLY high expectations that it failed to meet (and I HATED all the stupid Marian Jones "how I run so fast" bull schet).

Reprinted without permission. :p

Any other takes?


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I liked it.

If you're looking for world cup downhilling, dirt jumping, and street style, you'll be disappointed. Get Suspect (haven't seen it yet, but I got it.)

Top Speed is a movie about haulin' a$$, including 100 meter sprinting. Great video.
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