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Has anyone ridden Winter Parks DH yet

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Has anyone here ridden winterparks lifted DH yet this season. My little bro is getting in to biking and I want to introduce him to DH fairly quickly. He has fairly decent skills on the trail, but I know that he isn't ready for keystone yet.

I know WP is supposed to be more mellow than keystone, but I don't want to take him up if there is nothing moderatly technical to test his skills. On top of that I don't want to waste a day at WP if It just going to bore us.

I know there are a few trails at keystone that he could handle like mosquito coast and the like, but I'll just be to tempted to take him down Cowboy Up and TNT, and I know he's not ready for those trails

Thanks for the imput.
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I spent a day up there last weekend. I think the WP resort trails are fun, and some of them have some decent technical aspects. I think its a great place to take people who aren't ready for the stuff at Keystone.

I'd start off by hitting Cheyenne to Long Trail then check out the Arapahoe trails. If those aren't enough for you then go check out Mountain Goat. You'll do a little bit of climbing on some of those, but nothing too long or steep at all.
I've been up a few times. The DH trail is ok, lots of berms and little doubles/tables. Long is pretty fun swoopy trail with a little bit of climbing. Haven't tried Mt. Goat but it is supposed to be good - 10-20min ride to get to that trail though.

Pic is on long's trail


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I rode it last weekend (July 1st - 3rd). I was pretty disappointed. The DH course is pretty much the same as last year, with less big hits.. What really disappoints me is that there are a lot less free-ride obstacles around. At the end of last year, they were everywhere, now they are only in a few places...
They probably just haven't set them back up yet. AFAIK, that stuff all gets put away for the winter, and they probably want to keep it out of the way during runoff season. From what I've heard, new stuff is a-coming.
Winter Parks DH

I rode it July 1st...rain shut down the lift and there was too much of a headwind for the dirt jumps at the base. You may get bored but if your Bro is new he should still have a good time. I took up 3 people that had never been to a resort before...I had fun but I have fun anywhere.

More stunts are on their way...
The place to go to get into DH (is WP)

Take your brother there. Compared to Keystone's Double Diamonds the WP DH is way easier. But it does offer the opportunity to practice berms, jumping, hard braking and cornering. As the tails are way more smooth your bro probably get's more runs in before the hands give up.

As far as stunts go: There is a freeriding area at the end of Long Trail. It offers some North Shore sections, a ladder of a ridge and a drop into a transition. I wouldn't call this exactly beginner level but as a warm-up into the season or for those who got the basics dialed on stairs etc it will do.

I took my wife, daughter and son to WP this year and Keystone last year. While they did one run in Keystone (down the DDs), they did 5 or 6 in WP.

And hey, if you want to challenge somebody: Go Mountain Goat in WP. That is a pretty natural freeride challenge. If you clean everything but the small uphill you are a pretty good. If you clean everything you are really a good rider!
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Don't waste your time!

went there today and was dissapointed, the only trail that was open was "Downhill" and it is fun fast cruiser run but gets boring without having any thing else to ride. Mountain goat was closed due to them putting in a new chairlift. The other bad thing was they shut down the lift way to soon even though it was not raining all that much-light drizzle all day. When we asked the lift ops why it was closed they said "the mechanics shut it down due to too much water for the wheels or something" I then said maybe it was because they were not making enough money on lift tickets because there was only about 25 people riding it and he just smirked and said "I don't make that call". SOunded pretty lame to me. They did refund us $10 which was a plus. But i feel as though I wasted gas going there.

My advice is wait until they open more trails and and call the ticket office to find out about the trail status, because the 1-800 number for activities said every trail was open. Lie.
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I took my bro up last wed. He got in about 6 good runs before he called it a day and I went up for 2 more. The WP trails are very smooth, but there are alot of brake bumps before most of the corners. The Downhill trail was fun and I could see it becoming a A-line style of trail, but they have alot of work to do before it gets there. The Long trail and the Cheyane trail were very twisty turny trails with burms all over the place.

The Biggest thing that I likes about WP was the amount of turns the trails had. Cornering is my weakest part of riding, so I was abnle to really focus on my cornering technique without having to worry about any obsticals. The bigest down side to WP was the lack of techy trails, or at least open trails. I honestly can't remember having to roll over a single rock that required leaning back. Also most the stunts they had were very beginer and almost killed the flow of the trail. At the top of The Downhill, there is a section of 4 or 5 six foot tables. I got all excited, but based on the section of trail, these tables needed to have as least a 10-12 foot table in order to land to a trany. On the other hand when we were there the trail crew was in the middle of constructing a very large wall ride by the DJ section.

I think in the next 2-3 years you could flip a coin between Keystone and WP and either way have a great day
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drum714 said:
but based on the section of trail, these tables needed to have as least a 10-12 foot table in order to land to a trany
Yeah I hope they fix that, becasue if you take them at speed you end up landing them flat from about 3-4+ feet in the air. You'd almost have to be going power-walking speed to hit the tranny. Stooopppid.

So was Mt. Goat open?
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