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Ok, So I don't night ride but I love DIY and making stuff. I suddenly got the idea about using an existing case like the one below. Replace the bulb in it with a Maglite 3 watt bulb meant for 5/6D flashlights, and powering it with a batterypack from a RC car. The LED doesnt produce a lit of heat. I have run my maglite for extended periods and out of curiousity checked the LED and it was just warm at best.

A housing like this:
or this

Those were the cheesiest examples I could find quickly.

Use one of these lights in a housing that took the halogen.
You can get from walmart for about $18.

And wire it to a remotly located pack such as this.

With it being 3600mAh I would expect it would last its fair amount of time, and the batteries and chargers for them are available many places. Car chargers, 15 min chargers, etc. The connecter is a quick disconnect so swapping is easy. The massive market of these seem like the perfect power source and for me I like the ease of use of the Maglite LED. I have various 10mm LEDs that I have used in car's and to mess with before getting into MTB but none get near the lumens of these 3watt and above. Any Ideas? I guess I am looking for the brightest, cheapest, best looking unit possible.
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